F1TENTH: Autonomous Racing

Course Type: Graduate Course, Lecture Style: Formal Lecture + Practical Course

In this course we will work hands-on and lab centered for everyone who is interested in the field of artificial intelligence, motion planning, control theory, and applied machine learning. From the very beginning we will introduce you to both a simulation environment and real hardware: Our 1/10th-scale autonomous race car. In the 15 week course we will provide you the most comprehensive learning experience in the field of autonomous driving and teach you about the theory and programming of methods and algorithms in the field of perception, mapping, localization, trajectory planning and control. As an add on we will have a discussion about the moral implications of autonomous systems. After attending the course you will have a comprehensive overview of the perception, planning and control methods used in autonomous driving. You will be able to select the appropriate method and algorithm for various autonomous driving problems and then implement it with appropriate code. In addition you are able to program the F1TENTH Autonomous Race car to drive fast and safe around a racetrack.
For everybody who is interested in the course we have uploaded all the course material online: